Traders Brewing Co.

Life is complicated.
Beer is simple.



monday: 3 to 8pm
TUesday: 3 to 8pm
WedNesday: 3 to 8pm
Thursday: 1 to 10pm
Friday: 1 to 10pm
Saturday: 1 to 10pm
Sunday: 12 to 8pm

Find us on Indy’s northwest side just south of 86th St on Zionsville Rd.


“There’s no such thing as a bad beer. Some just taste better than others.”

bill carter  |  writer & Director


Come for the beer, stay for the people


Beer tastes a helluva lot better when you share it with others. Family, friends, even strangers—beer has a way of bringing us together and blurring the hard lines our differences draw between us. That’s our aim here at Traders—to create simple, quality beers in such a way that builds and fosters a better community.

Our family has been brewing for years, and we like to think that while the operation has outgrown the garage, it will never outgrow what makes Traders feel like home.


Look for the

Traders Truck!